Single-layer Decoupling Networks for Circulant Symmetric Arrays

JacobC Coetzee, JamesD Cordwell, Elizabeth Underwood, ShaunaL Waite
2011 IETE Technical Review  
Reduced element spacing in antenna arrays gives rise to strong mutual coupling between array elements and may cause significant performance degradation. These effects can be alleviated by introducing a decoupling network consisting of interconnected reactive elements. The existing design approach for the synthesis of a decoupling network for circulant symmetric arrays allows calculation of element values using closed-form expressions, but the resulting circuit configuration requires multilayer
more » ... equires multilayer technology for implementation. In this paper, a new structure for the decoupling of circulant symmetric arrays of more than four elements is presented. Element values are no longer obtained in closed form, but the resulting circuit is much simpler and can be implemented on a single layer.
doi:10.4103/0256-4602.81235 fatcat:ismpuegqjngetb7axxlcfrbrbe