Active Desiccant Dehumidification Module Integration with Rooftop Packaged HVAC [report]

J Fischer
2002 unpublished
This report summarizes a research and development program that produced a stand-alone active desiccant module (ADM) that can be easily integrated with new or existing packaged cooling equipment. The program also produced a fully integrated hybrid system, combining the active desiccant section with a conventional direct expansion air-conditioning unit, that resulted in a compact, low-cost, energy-efficient end product. Based upon the results of this investigation, both systems were determined to
more » ... be highly viable products for commercialization. Major challenges-including wheel development, compact packaging, regeneration burner development, control optimization, and low-cost design-were all successfully addressed by the final prototypes produced and tested as part of this program.
doi:10.2172/814310 fatcat:6tmctnja4bfkva63aih3qucy7y