Electromagnetic Form Factors of Σ Hyperons

Muzaffar Irshad, Dong Liu, Xiaorong Zhou, Guangshun Huang
2022 Symmetry  
Electromagnetic form factors (EMFFs) are fundamental observable of baryons that intimately related to their internal structure and dynamics, where the EMFFs of hyperons provide valuable insight into the behavior of the strangeness. The EMFFs of hyperons can also help to understand those of nucleons as they are connected with the flavor SU(3) symmetry. The EMFFs of nucleons can be measured in both spacelike and timelike regions. However, it is difficult to probe the EMFFs of hyperons in
more » ... region due to the unstable nature of hyperons. By means of electron-positron annihilation, the EMFFs of hyperons in timelike region is accessible via the production of hyperon-antihyperon pair. The timelike EMFFs of the isospin triplet Σ hyperons measured at Babar, CLEO-c and BESIII experiments are reviewed in this paper. Besides, the relevant theoretical discussion based on the experimental results are also presented.
doi:10.3390/sym14010069 fatcat:u3jkjiwq2vdtricffwrmgkfrg4