Emphasizing on cognition as a fundamental approach to moral edification

حسین مهدوی منش, مهدی ایزدی
2014 Taḥqīqāt-i ̒ūlūm-i Qur̓ān va ḥadīs̠  
Education and edification has always been one of the major concerns of mankind and has occupied his mind. Undoubtedly, providing successful models is the basic needs of the parents and educators in this field. Concentrating on educational approaches has an important place in edifiying issues; since it shows the process of edifiying.The purpose of this research is introducing the fundamentals of educational and edifiying approachs of Imam Sajjad (AS) which comprises many different elements which
more » ... rent elements which have interrelation themselves. Explaining how these elements work is another objective of this article. Our acknowledgement of Imam's approach , as a successful example , can help us in complex situations. In addition, this article has compared some of the main approaches of prominent schools of education with that of Imam ,from which the significance of Imam's school of thought can be seen much better including their view to the mankind.
doi:10.22051/tqh.2014.917 doaj:ca2e2e5c63c14068978253fa44e85219 fatcat:t3mqcpplpvdn3ksgdbmpe75e7m