Cannabis sativa-An Important Subsistence Pollen Source for Apis mellifera

Dr. Jasvir Singh Dalio
2012 IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences  
Cannabis sativa is an important source of pollen for Apis mellifera during the period of floral scarcity (May and June) when major flora is absent. Foraging of bees on the herb under experiment took place during morning and evening hours, while during rest of the day activity remained totally ceased. All the Foraging bees were pollen gatherers as the plant provides pollen only. Maximum foraging took place during morning, however pollen was also collected thoroughly by specific sweeping activity
more » ... and scrabbling behaviour during evening hours. Foraging frequency of bees was more during morning as compared to that at evening. Average pollen load observed was 4mg/bee. Abundance, Foraging behaviour and pollen loads indicated that this annual herb in good source of pollen during dearth period in summer.
doi:10.9790/3008-0140103 fatcat:z6tw3mogijan3at4xxeujfn72u