Optimal Selection of Reactive Power For Single Tuned Passive Filter Based on Curve Fitting Technique

Muhammad Shahzad Bajwa, Muhammad Usman Keerio, Riaz Hussain Memon, Noor Hussain Mugheri, Kamran Ali Samo
2022 International Journal of Innovations in Science and Technology  
This research presents the Optimal Reactive Power (Qc) selection for a single-tuned passive filter. DC drives are very popular in the industrial zone due to their high performance, flexibility, easy control, and low cost. DC drives operate by giving supply from an AC utility and AC to DC can be converted using the AC-DC converter. But this conversion introduces harmonics in the input supply current that affect the performance of the DC drive and also cause serious problems for the overall power
more » ... quality of the system. Many researchers are searching for the appropriate solutions to mitigate this cause. A passive filter is one solution to minimize or avoid harmonics from entering the electrical system. The key aspect of the passive filter design has been a difficult task. The parameters of the passive filter largely depends upon selecting the suitable value of reactive power (Qc). In this paper, the Simulink model of an AC-DC converter based on a separately excited dc motor is used as an industrial load, and a curve fitting technique has been used to select the optimal value of reactive power (Qc) for the passive filter. The simulation results and analysis show that optimal selection of reactive power for single tuned passive filter using the proposed technique is very effective by taking international standards limits for harmonic distortion.
doi:10.33411/ijist/2022040502 fatcat:hpdth4z2tbc5dcg4brmyl2qrvq