Local RNA translation controls cell migration and Rab GTPase function [article]

Konstadinos Moissoglu, Michael Stueland, Alexander N Gasparski, Tianhong Wang, Lisa M Jenkins, Michelle L Hastings, Stavroula Mili
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Numerous RNAs exhibit specific distribution patterns in mammalian cells. However, the functional and mechanistic consequences are relatively unknown. We investigate here the functional role of RNA localization at cellular protrusions of mesenchymal migrating cells, using as a model the RAB13 RNA, which encodes a GTPase important for vesicle-mediated membrane trafficking. While RAB13 RNA is enriched at peripheral protrusions, the expressed protein is concentrated perinuclearly. By specifically
more » ... . By specifically preventing RAB13 RNA localization, we show that peripheral RAB13 translation is not important for the overall distribution of the RAB13 protein, or its ability to associate with membranes, but is required for full activation of the GTPase and for efficient cell migration. This effect is mediated by a co-translational association of RAB13 with the exchange factor RABIF. Our results indicate that RAB13-RABIF association at the periphery is required for directing RAB13 GTPase activity to promote cell migration. Thus, translation of RAB13 in specific subcellular environments imparts the protein with distinct properties and highlights a means of controlling protein function through local RNA translation.
doi:10.1101/2020.05.19.104463 fatcat:fvlrbixgenblna6odahscr5q6y