Study of the Adsorption of Methylene Blue and Tartrazine in Aqueous Solution by Local Materials of Cameroonian Origin

Djakba Raphaël, Harouna Massaï, Wangmene Bagamla, Bouba Talami
2020 American Journal of Physical Chemistry  
The present work concerns the study of the adsorption of methylene blue (MB) and tartrazine (TAR) in aqueous solution by the raw clay (AB) and bridged clay (AP) of "Boboyo". Studies show that the adsorption of these two dyes on both adsorbents is very fast. The adsorption equilibrium time is 25 minutes for AB for both adsorbates and 15 and 30 minutes for TAR and BM on AP, respectively. The maximum adsorbed amounts of BM are of the order of 4.49mg/g on AB and 4.39mg/g on AP. They are of the
more » ... hey are of the order of 2.43mg/g on AB and 2.64mg/g on AP for TAR. The experiments show that the adsorbed quantity of these two dyes decreases with the increase of the mass of the adsorbents, is maximum at pH = 3 and increases with the increase of the initial concentration of the two dyes. The modeling of the adsorption kinetics reveals a conformity to the pseudo-second order model for the two dyes studied on adsorbent disputes. Experimental results are better described with the Freundlich isothermal model. The thermodynamic parameters showed that the adsorption of the two dyes is favorable and endothermic.
doi:10.11648/j.ajpc.20200903.11 fatcat:uj336ibmdrbz7arqaw6tb3dbke