A Multi-Modal Dependent Type Theory for Representing Data Accessibility in a Network

Giuseppe Primiero
In the present paper we explore the use of a newly formulated polymorphic modal type theory for a computational interpretation of programs in the context of distributed processing. The initial language define judgemental modalities with a the standard constructor for necessity interpreted as the presentation of instructions for a program terminating at runtime and an independent constructor for the possibility judgement as a representation of a process of partial evaluation. In order to
more » ... t distributed and localised computing, we propose an extension in terms of multi-modalities, to express programs equipped with locations and data accessibility. Besides localised accessibility formalised by the different signed modalities, we develop further the language by prioritising these modalities, which implement seriality or staging annotations in the program structure.
doi:10.29007/vm4p fatcat:3b3rdet7brdrjjhyyxxug63o5m