Nidhi Kaushal, Sanjit Mishra
2017 International journal of research - granthaalayah  
Communication is very significant in any language for sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings. Though it is widely taught as an education discipline world over but, it doesn't have same form and style in all the places and life of persons. Through this research paper, we are describing the different perspective of communication and their significance. In the organizations, it is called as the base of business and in normal life; it is the medium of sharing our feeling. Whether we are form
more » ... e are form different regions, know different languages but the act of communicate enable us to understands each other. Its style may vary in men and women but it is equally important for both of them. Without communication we can't even think of our existence. It is a medium of exploring the world. It has strong power of healing the wounds of heart. Soft speakers are always welcomed by all. Through the best communication skills, one can reach the heights of success. It is the power of a leader. The main aim of writing this research paper on communication is to introducing the communication as a best device and with good communication we can win in every field.
doi:10.29121/granthaalayah.v5.i5.2017.1849 fatcat:m3c355jbhrbi5jtpe42rewgoke