All-optical intermodal switch using periodic coupling in a two-mode waveguide

H. G. Park, S. Y. Huang, B. Y. Kim
1989 Optics Letters  
An intermodal switch based on optically induced (through the Kerr effect) periodic coupling in a two-mode waveguide is described and demonstrated. A high-power pump beam injected into the two modes of the waveguide produces a periodic modulation of the refractive-index profile with a period equal to the modal beat length, which causes coupling between the two modes of a simultaneously injected probe beam. The operating principle was successfully demonstrated in an elliptical-core two-mode fiber
more » ... with counterpropagating pump and probe beams. All-optical switching devices utilizing waveguides are of current interest for use in high-speed optical signal-
doi:10.1364/ol.14.000877 pmid:19752998 fatcat:7viijssonza6jobo54ojg6gqti