Creating Automobile Pamphlet Design Methods: Utilizing both Biometric Testing and Statistical Science

Kaori Koizumi, Maiko Muto, Kakuro Amasaka
2013 Journal of Management Research  
In today's manufacturing industry, the product design is considered as the most important element that influences customer purchasing decisions. The auto industry in particular demands that companies build vehicles that meet customers' individual demands and thus lead to high customer satisfaction. This study looks at one tool used to promote vehicles-automobile pamphlets-and seeks to identify the sensory impact that changing pamphlet designs has on customers. Specifically, this involves using
more » ... tatistical science to (1) visualize the implicit design elements required by customers for automobile design by using an eye camera to analyze the line of sight. Next, (2) identify and quantify the compositional elements of automobile pamphlet design images based on the findings to enable creation of automobile pamphlet designs. Then, (3) analyze the influence of these compositional elements of automobile pamphlet design images on the customer in sensory terms. Based on the results of this analysis, (4) create automobile pamphlet design images that will be appealing to customers, and then (5) confirm the appropriateness of the analysis results by conducting biometric testing for validation using brain activity. The given results of this process were obtained.
doi:10.5296/jmr.v6i1.4569 fatcat:bhrr7c5g3ffptdjyx773uksr7a