On a Hyperbolic Coefficient Inverse Problem via Partial Dynamic Boundary Measurements

Christian Daveau, Diane Manuel Douady, Abdessatar Khelifi
2010 Journal of Applied Mathematics  
This paper is devoted to the identification of the unknown smooth coefficientcentering the hyperbolic equationc(x)∂t2u−Δu=0in a bounded smooth domain inℝdfrom partial (on part of the boundary) dynamic boundary measurements. In this paper, we prove that the knowledge of the partial Cauchy data for this class of hyperbolic PDE on any open subsetΓof the boundary determines explicitly the coefficientcprovided thatcis known outside a bounded domain. Then, through construction of appropriate test
more » ... tions by a geometrical control method, we derive a formula for calculating the coefficientcfrom the knowledge of the difference between the local Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps.
doi:10.1155/2010/561395 fatcat:gypgu7jf4zbqhepdhodlgefoha