Two-dimensional beams of dissipative antisolitons

A. Ankiewicz, J. M. Soto-Crespo, N. Devine, N. Akhmediev, Derek Abbott, Tomaso Aste, Murray Batchelor, Robert Dewar, Tiziana Di Matteo, Tony Guttmann
2007 Complex Systems II  
By using a reduced model for dissipative optical soliton beams, we show that there are two disjoint sets of fixed points. These correspond to stationary solitons of the radial complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg -Landau equation with concave and convex phase profiles, respectively. We confirm these results by numerical simulations which reveal soliton solutions of two different types: continuously self-focussing and continuously self-defocusing.
doi:10.1117/12.760937 fatcat:rs57xh4bw5gtdlt4y7wzbrsray