Functional relationship between harp seal body condition and available prey in the Barents Sea

TA Øigård, U Lindstrøm, T Haug, KT Nilssen, S Smout
2013 Marine Ecology Progress Series  
Supplement. Exploration of possible confounding effect of the "date" and "year" variable. Due to limited temporal overlap between sampled blubber thickness between years, there is a possibility that the date and the year variable are confounded, with the implication that the reduced blubber thickness observed in 2006 and 2011 is a sampling artifact. Two simulation examples have been created to explore this. Example 1: We simulated data from a model with a seasonal effect and a year effect. We
more » ... a year effect. We could have constructed any function for this, but a natural choice was to simulate from our original fitted GAM. We constructed a data set from the following fitted model, using the original data: Blubber thickness = intercept + s(length):sex + s(date) + s(year). The estimated responses for this model are presented in Fig. S1 .
doi:10.3354/meps10272 fatcat:btps23xyxzewvkb7se7hd2be6y