NUCLEAR WEAPONS EFFECTS TESTS OF BLAST TYPE SHELTERS. A Documentary Compendium of Test Reports [report]

C Beck
1969 unpublished
This report is published in the interest of providing information which m a y prove of value to the reader in his study of effects data derived principallyfrom nuclear weapons tests and from experiments designed t o duplicate various characteristics of nuclear weapons. This document is based on information available a t the t i m e of preparation which m a y have subsequently b e e n expanded and re-evaluated. Also, in preparing this report for publication, some classified material m a y have
more » ... terial m a y have been removed. Users are cautioned to avoid interpretations and conclusions based on unknown or incomplete data. PREFACE A large number of experiments to test the response of various structures to nuclear effects were conducted at the Nevada and Pacific test sites during the 1950's. The results of the tests were published in Weapons Test (WT) Reports, but these received only limited distribution. A review of the reports reveals a wealth of information regarding blast shelters designed to resist the initial effects of nuclear explosions. This report presents as a series of summaries the results of interest. These summaries were prepared to make the results of applicable field experiments available to a larger professional audience with the practicing engineer specifically in mind. In general, the order of presentation follows the chronological order of the tests. Data have been extracted from the original WT Reports to give the reader an understanding of the significant elements of the test projects. Where appropriate, reference is made to the need to modify or update test findings to ensure that design information will be compatible with high-yield nuclear weapons effects. Structures tested were in most cases exposed to the effects of relatively low-yield nuclear explosions. An independent evaluation of various aspects of the test results has been added. Users of these summaries should have at hand the latest revised edition (1964) of The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (EW), which affords much applicable information. Since the completion of the field testing and the compilation of data, as summarized here, a large number of studies, in some instances supported by laboratory experiments, have added considerable up-tedate knowledge to blast-shelter design. Some of the study reports covering this work, as well as other technical publications offering helpful guidelines in detail design of such structures, are listed in the bibliography. A number of other similarly applicable publications are listed in the bibliography.
doi:10.2172/4774581 fatcat:rkdn7iftzbekfdnl7joiqtqezy