Effect of Pre-harvest Application of Ca, K, B and Zn on Yield and Quality of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Langra

Anugya Kumari, Rewati Raman Singh, Manoj Kundu
2020 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
The present study was conducted to investigate the role of calcium, potassium, boron and zinc on yield and quality of mango cv. Langra. The treatments includes CaCl 2 4%, CaCl 2 6%, CaCl 2 8%, K 2 SO 4 1.0%, K 2 SO 4 1.5%, K 2 SO 4 2.0%, Borax 1.0%, Borax 1.5%), Borax 2.0%, ZnSO 4 0.2%, ZnSO 4 0.4%, ZnSO 4 0.8%) and T 13 control. Spraying was done 30 days before anticipated day of harvesting. The result revealed that among all the treatments borax 2 % was most effective in increasing fruit
more » ... t, pulp weight, and pulp percentage. Whereas CaCl 2 4.0% had given highestyield/plant with better fruit quality attributes. On the other hand number of fruits per plant and fruit quality parameters such as TSS, TSS: acid ratio, sugars, total carotenoids, ascorbic acid content, total phenolics was highest in borax 1%. Thus, present study concluded that borax 1% and CaCl 2 4% was most efficient in enhancing yield and yield attributes as well as in retaining the quality of mango fruits.
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2020.906.112 fatcat:rdbiftojl5gohgkrhqlbqtgcym