A Maxwell-vector p-wave holographic superconductor in a particular background AdS black hole metric

Dan Wen, Hongwei Yu, Qiyuan Pan, Kai Lin, Wei-Liang Qian
2018 Nuclear Physics B  
We study the p-wave holographic superconductor for AdS black holes with planar event horizon topology for a particular Lovelock gravity, in which the action is characterized by a self-interacting scalar field nonminimally coupled to the gravity theory which is labeled by an integer k. As the Lovelock theory of gravity is the most general metric theory of gravity based on the fundamental assumptions of general relativity, it is a desirable theory to describe the higher dimensional spacetime
more » ... try. The present work is devoted to studying the properties of the p-wave holographic superconductor by including a Maxwell field which nonminimally couples to a complex vector field in a higher dimensional background metric. In the probe limit, we find that the critical temperature decreases with the increase of the index k of the background black hole metric, which shows that a larger k makes it harder for the condensation to form. We also observe that the index k affects the conductivity and the gap frequency of the holographic superconductors.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2018.03.006 fatcat:q2v6llkw3varppmy53w5b7lkyi