The modern issues of legal regulation of use of lands of the industry

Т. В. Лісова
2016 Theory and practice of jurisprudence  
Problem setting. Pursuant to an item 19 the Landed code of Ukraine lands of industry, transport, connection, energy, defensive and other setting make the independent category of lands. Their use established an order a law. Will mark that lands of industry are the separate type of lands in composition the afore-mentioned category of lands. The row of laws of Ukraine, which regulate legal relationships from the use of lands of this category, is accepted for today. However, special Law "About
more » ... of industry" it is not accepted until now. In addition, in current legislation the unique requirements of ecological safety absent in relation to the use of lands of industry. At the same time lands of industry are marked more frequent all test the negative influencing comparatively with other types of lands. Recent research and publications analysis. The problem of the use and guard of lands of industry was examined in works of such research workers, as N. V. Barbashova, M.M. Bakhurinska, R.D. Bogolepov, M.I. Krasnov, О.S. Trifonov and other. However much their most labours touch illumination only of its separate aspects; and a complex analysis does not exist actually. Paper objective. Purpose of this publication is the study of package of questions of the legal adjusting of exploitation of lands of industry is deep. Metodological base of this research is formed by dialectical cognitive approach and a system of general scientific and special legal techniques. Paper main body. As a rule, on lands of industry the special unagricultural activity is carried out by the proper enterprises, establishments and organizations, and also by citizens which also can come forward the subjects of such activity, if carry out the use of this category of lands set a law. It is expedient to underline that the specific of exploitation of lands of industry is predefined both the features of functioning of the objects setting of which is maintenance of unagricultural necessities located on them and specific status of subjects which they are g [...]
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