Spectral properties of a short-range impurity in a quantum dot

J. Brüning, V. Geyler, I. Lobanov
2004 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
The spectral properties of the quantum mechanical system consisting of a quantum dot with a short-range attractive impurity inside the dot are investigated in the zero-range limit. The Green function of the system is obtained in an explicit form. In the case of a spherically symmetric quantum dot, the dependence of the spectrum on the impurity position and the strength of the impurity potential is analyzed in detail. It is proven that the confinement potential of the dot can be recovered from
more » ... be recovered from the spectroscopy data. The consequences of the hidden symmetry breaking by the impurity are considered. The effect of the positional disorder is studied.
doi:10.1063/1.1647693 fatcat:frqtfymajreq5hysrat5pimcle