Selectively breaking data dependences to improve the utilization of idle cycles in algorithm level re-computing data paths

Kaijie Wu, R. Karri
2003 IEEE Transactions on Reliability  
Although algorithm level re-computing techniques can trade-off the fault detection capability vs. time overhead of a Concurrent Error Detection (CED) scheme, they result in 100% time overhead when the strongest CED capability is achieved. Using the idle cycles in the data path to do the re-computation can reduce this time overhead. However, dependences between operations prevent the re-computation from fully utilizing the idle cycles. Deliberately breaking some of these data dependences can
more » ... her reduce the time overhead associated with algorithm level re-computing. According to the experimental results the proposed technique, it brings time overhead down to 0-60% while the associated hardware overhead is from 12% to 50% depending on the design size. Index Terms-Concurrent error detection, radiation hardening, very deep sub-micron device.
doi:10.1109/tr.2003.821942 fatcat:mwguvrlng5fjjewae53l5275aa