Communication culture and speech etiquette

Z Uteshova
2022 Ренессанс в парадигме новаций образования и технологий в XXI веке  
A person's worldview, his personal characteristics are formed precisely in society, in the place where he (the person) coexists. In the anthropological understanding, people are not born with a certain culture, but acquire it in the course of communication, on the basis of social activity, in particular, speech. The subject acquires a language that is a component of culture, and through its use gains access to its components. Therefore, the socialization of the personality takes place, during
more » ... ich the child's thinking and models of his behavior are formed, therefore the social function of the language as a means of communication, along with other factors, comes to the fore [2, 15-16]. The famous psychologist Luria argued that speech and its traces, which form the basis of the second signal system, allow one to distract and generalize the signals of reality, formulate intentions, and create the basis for ―forecasting‖ the future [4]. This means that speech also allows you to create long-term structures of excitation and creation of a program aimed at a known goal of human behavior. In turn, Yakubinsky noted human speech activity as a diverse phenomenon, determined by all the complex variety of factors and functions [8, 17-58].
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