Electronic PDF security by Committe of Scientific Research, Stowarzyszenie Idokan Polska Poland A new stage in the history of the Idokan organization

Lothar Sieber, Abdf, Wojciech Cynarski
2013 IDO MOVEMENT FOR CULTURE. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology   unpublished
The authors describe new facts about the history of the Idokan organization, according to the source data and reveal the story of past events which are known to them as direct participants. Thus, after the analysis of sources (including 'personal documents') connected with the history of the Idokan, the authors describe the events in Munich, Neuffen and Rzeszów, from January to March 2013. These are the martial arts case studies carried out in Germany and Poland. The scientific perspective of
more » ... ic perspective of this study is developed from the anthropology of martial arts (the Warrior's Way) and the concept of martial arts tourism. From this perspective, the following dimensions of studies of martial arts were taken into account: practical-methodological, tourist, symbolic and strictly scientific. They are accompanied by reflections concerning the activity and functioning of the organization and problems associated with various martial arts. The reflections on the symbolic dimension are enriched by the descriptions of medals and explanation of the rules governing the award of honorary ranks.