The Siluro—Devonian Boundary

P. T. Warren
1969 Geological Magazine  
Correspondence 215 was large and inconvenient for the pocket, according to a custom often observed by Mr. Smith, whose memory for localities was so exact, that he has often, after many years, gone direct to some hoard of this nature to recover his fossils. This road, however, over Boziate Hill, he was not to travel again.' Baker wrote 'It seems to have escaped your recollection that the very last excursion he took-the day after he came to us-was to Boziate, Woolaston and Wellingboro" and it is
more » ... remarkable illustration as well of his extraordinary memory as of the habit alluded to, that after the lapse of twenty years, in going up Boziate Hill he related to us the circumstance which you have recorded and shewed us the very spot where he hid the ammonite.'
doi:10.1017/s0016756800052043 fatcat:4uqlgkbu3fdrfotw5ciyqqusmq