Active Data Management Plans - Concept and Potential

João Cardoso, José Borbinha
2018 Figshare  
Scientific DataScientific data is information collected using scpecific methods for the purpse of scientific research. Scientific data can be perceived to have to main origins: Hypothesis-driven science, where hypothesis are presented and data is collected to counter the theory; Data-driven science, where collected data is studied to establish patterns either within itself or other datasets. Scientific data has two main proveniences: Observation and measurement, where raw measures are recorded
more » ... ither automatically (by sensors, or instruments) or manually by scientists; Calculation, where data is generated based on computational analysis, generaly run by computers.Scientific Data ManagementWith the large sets of Scientific Data that are produced nowadays, having clear methods policies and techniques to manage data is fundamental. The overall goal of Scientific Data Management , is to ease knowledge discovery and innovation, and to facilitate the integration and reuse of data and knowledge by the community after publication. As there is a need to have infrastructure capable of supporting the reuse of scientific data, the FAIR data principles were introduced to act as guidelines to enhance reusability. FAIR stands for:- Findable, easy to find for both humans and computer, with metadata that facilitates searching for specific datasets;- Accessible, stored for long ter so that it can easily be accessed and/or downloaded with well-defined license and access conditions (open access when pssible), whether at the level of metadata, or at the level of the actual data;- Interoperable, ready to be combined with other datasets by humans or computers;- Reusable, ready to be used for future research and to be further processed using computational methods.What is a DMP?A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document detailing how the scientific data from a research project is to be managed throughout its lifecycle. This implies describing the techniques, meth [...]
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