Reports of Medical and Surgical Practice in the Hospitals and Asylums of Great Britain and Ireland

1881 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Under the care of Mr. JALLAND.) [FOR the notes we are indebted to MNr. F. H. WEEKES, House-Surgeon. ] March iith, i88I. Charles B., aged 8, was hit violently on the side of his head by a pointed piece of wood. He was knocked down, but did not lose his senses. Beyond a slight wound, he was apparently none the worse for the accident, and was playing about until the day of his admission. March 25th (fourteen days after the receipt of injury). On that morning, he had fallen down in a fit; he was
more » ... itted, at II A.M.M, in a state of collapse, very pale, and quite unconscious. His right arm and leg were in a condition of clonic convulsion. On the left side of his head, near the parietal eminence, was a small wound, and a probe, being passed down into this, came upon bare irregular bone. Mr. Jalland enlarged the wound, and found a small portion of the bone underneath fractured and depressed; he then applied the trephine, and, as soon as the skull was sawn through, a small quantity of pus welled up. A circular piece of bone being removed, the dura mater was found perforated by a minute spiculum of bone, which was bent
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.1096.1055 fatcat:qbpfup67lrcqzjdat6ai2h5mta