Analytical and numerical techniques in the Green's function treatment of microstrip antennas and scatterers

J.R. Mosig, F.E. Gardiol
1983 IEE Proceedings H Microwaves Optics and Antennas  
In the paper, the mode theory of wave propagation in stratified media is used to establish the spatial Green's functions associated with a microstrip structure. They correspond to the fields and potentials created by a horizontal electric dipole placed on the air/dielectric interface and are expressed as Sommerfeld integrals. Near-and far-field approximate analytical evaluations of these integrals are rigorously derived. They allow a quantitative discussion of the scope and limitations of the
more » ... imitations of the static microstrip theory, and point out the relevance of surface wave effects in microstrip. The most interesting situation when both source and observer are in the air/dielectric interface is studied extensively. Numerical methods to evaluate Sommerfeld integrals in such situations are reviewed, and several new accurate techniques are introduced and discussed in detail.
doi:10.1049/ip-h-1.1983.0029 fatcat:iysvgtcfkveifoyqcyqjvbgshi