"Czemu bojaźliwi jesteście? Jakże wam brak wiary?" (Mk 4,40). W Roku Wiary pytamy o naszą wiarę

Ewa Jezierska
In its first part the article discusses three events recorded in the Gospel of St. Mark: calming the storm on the lake of Galilee (Mk 4:35-40), healing of an epileptic boy (Mk 9:14-29), and healing of Bartimaeus (Mk 10:46-52). By this the author shows three different attitudes of people towards Jesus – a lack of faith, weak faith and strong faith. The second part of the paper, by analyzing the text of Heb 1:1 determines what faith is in its true nature. The summary of the article provides an
more » ... icle provides an answer to the question of when a person does not have faith, when his faith is weak, and when it is strong. It also emphasizes that the value of faith in Jesus depends on the willing acceptance of Jesus Himself, His teaching and taking His message to our life.
doi:10.34839/wpt.2013.21.2.21-28 fatcat:afmp7sjf4nfvbdxnqpe7zemkuy