Intricateness of Identity and Race: A Racist Study of Brit Bennet's Novel The Vanishing Half

Hafsa Akbar
2021 Pakistan Social Sciences Review  
The present study endeavors to unveil the phenomenon of racism as a social, cultural and political concept based on falsehood, and problems of ethnicity in America portrayed in Brit Bennett's (2020) "The Vanishing Half" under the theoretical framework of Frantz Fanon's (1952) "Black Skin, White Masks." Basically it is the racial prejudice and bigotry which build a battle/struggle for identity and self-determination. The under discussion work by Bennett come across to the realization of racial
more » ... ejudice and inferiority faced by the African Americans. Bennett by her four main characters Stella, Desiree, Jude and Kennedy, presents racial prejudice and discrimination which affects their past and present identities. The researchers endeavor to highlight the problems of ethnicity in America under the racist study as to how the writer, Bennett, uncovers the racial inequality and injustice of America in the workings of contemporary life. The researchers examine how the character of Stella escapes from the racial prejudice and reshapes her new identity as a "White Passing". This study explores that what are the issues behind racism as a social, cultural and political construct in the light of "The Vanishing Half". The present research recommends the significance of intricateness of identity and race in racist perspective.
doi:10.35484/pssr.2021(5-iv)27 fatcat:v764gvc3yjc7rlxi6dpykwywom