66 * Investigating differences in complex fractionated atrial electrogram discrimination as performed by CARTO and NavX algorithms

T. P. Almeida, G. S. Chu, F. J. Vanheusden, X. Li, J. L. Salinet, J. H. Tuan, P. J. Stafford, F. S. Schlindwein, G. A. Ng
2014 Europace  
Methods • 797 Bipolar electrograms (EGMs, 2.5 s duration) from 18 patients undergoing persistent AF were collected from different left atrial regions pre-(455 EGMs), and post-(342 EGMs) pulmonary vein isolation and roof line creation. • The EGMs, CFE-Mean and CFE-StdDev were exported from NavX and analysed offline with a validated (100% agreement) MATLAB script that calculates ICL, ACI and SCI. • Each EGM was classified as either CFAE or non-CFAE according to NavX (CFE-Mean 30-120 ms) and CARTO
more » ... (using ICL ≥ 4; 5; 6; 7), as well as whether or not there was agreement (i.e. both CFAE or both non-CFAE) between the systems. • Where EGM classifications agreed, their respective CFE-StdDev, ACI and SCI were selected to generate ROC curves to optimise sensitivity and specificity for CFAE categorisation based on the agreement between the two commercial systems.
doi:10.1093/europace/euu242.8 fatcat:2ufjw3brgbaf7cmjlrwccune2y