Expression of nerve growth factor receptors and their prognostic value in human breast cancer

S Descamps, V Pawlowski, F Révillion, L Hornez, M Hebbar, B Boilly, H Hondermarck, J P Peyrat
2001 Cancer Research  
Nerve growth factor (NGF) has been shown recently to be mitogenic for human breast cancer cells. In the present study, we have assayed the expression of NGF receptors (NGFRs: TrkA and p75) mRNAs in 363 human primary breast cancers, using real-time quantitative reverse transcription-PCR. NGFRs were found in all of the tumor biopsies. TrkA and p75 were positively correlated and were respectively associated with the histoprognostic grading and the tumor type. NGFRs were both related to
more » ... ated to progesterone receptors. In univariate analyses, TrkA (>upper quartile) was associated with longer overall survival. Histoprognostic grading, tumor size, node involvement, and steroid receptors were also prognostic factors. In Cox multivariate analyses, TrkA was not a prognostic parameter. This study demonstrates the expression of NGFRs in breast cancer and points out that patients with high levels of TrkA have a more favorable overall survival prognosis.
pmid:11389056 fatcat:q6lvohxfrzczrbvxwh6gglitcm