DSR Routing Protocol in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks: Drop Analysis

Rakesh Poonia, Amit Kumar Sanghi, Dharm Singh
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a network consisting of a collection of nodes capable of communicating with each other without aid from a network infrastructure. Each node participating in the network works both as host and a router and must therefore is willing to forward packets for other nodes. For this purpose, a routing protocol is needed. The most important characteristics of MANET is the dynamic topology, nodes can change position dynamically therefore a need of a routing protocol
more » ... outing protocol that quickly adapts to topology changes. In this paper for experimental purpose, Investigators considered 150m x 150m, 250m x 250m, 350m x 350m, 450m x 450m, 550m x550m, 650m x 650m & 750m x 750m terrain area and illustrate the Drop packet analysis using DSR protocol parameters for wireless network scenario. The Dynamic Source Routing protocol, a simple as well as an efficient routing protocol is designed particularly for use in multi-hop wireless ad hoc networks, allows the network to be entirely self-organizing and self-configuring, without the requirement of any presented network infrastructure or the administration. All aspects of the protocol work entirely on-demand, permitting the routing packet overhead to scale automatically to only which needed to respond to various changes in the different routes currently in use.
doi:10.5120/1896-2527 fatcat:3h2m3uu4cfcurnwbqt77f323y4