Similarity of Instrumental Sounds to Vocalization of Sika Deer Cervus nippon

1993 Journal of the Mammalogical Society of Japan  
A total of 43 sounds of three types of Sika deer call instruments were tape-recorded and sonagraphically analyzed. These sonagrams were compared with 620 sonagrams of vocal sounds produced by Sika deer Cervus nippon. Deer call instruments produced clear tonal sounds with some harmonics and with little frequency change. Wide variation in the amplitude, the duration of the sound, and the fundamental frequency was found. Sonagrams of instrumental sounds could be classified into five groups. Of
more » ... five groups. Of these five, two resembled male rutting calls, two resembled a call type given mainly by females, and fifth group resembled contact calls given by both sexes. Males were attracted to the sounds produced by deer call instruments which can thus be used for detecting, locating and attracting deer, and for studying the responses of males towards mimicked male or female sounds.
doi:10.11238/jmammsocjapan.18.69 fatcat:vsmbml7h4zhxpbrkvhngyeufu4