Study on Global Volcanic Activity Genesis and its Classification

立军 陈
2016 HANS Publication PrePrints  
According to the author's Seismo-geothermics principle and method on the prediction of intracrustal strong earthquakes and volcano activities, and the concept of seismic cone, using Smithsonian Institution volcano data, and the mantel plume data from website and 24 seismic cones defined by theauthor,the author of this paperpreliminarily thinks that the global volcano activity can be divided into two types of the seismic cone type volcanoes and the mantle plume type
more » ... by its genesis. The seismic cone type volcanoes are controlled by the seismic conestructures, and itsmain eruption characteristic is the explosive eruptionplume of viscous, gas rich magma and volcano ash plume, and the mantle plume type volcanoes are controlled by the mantle plume tectonics,mainly characterized by low viscosity material to the quiet type lava overflow or lava fountain type eruption.The causes and the eruption matter of thetwo type eruptionsare differently.The seismic cone type volcanoes arein denselypopulated areas,threatening the human life security.Therefore, the prediction research of the hot engine belt is urgently needed, to investigate the seismic cone structure and its deep source earthquake activity, combined with the traditional volcanic prediction method, and some basic experienceformed in forecasting.The traditional forecasting methods of volcanic eruption of mantle plume type are effective for the place people living in.This paper provides a new idea for the observation and study of global volcanoes, and the prediction of volcanic activity, which may be beneficial to the human response to the threat of volcanic activities. 收稿日期:2016年6月15日;发布日期:2016年6月16日 摘 要 本文按照作者的地震地热说关于壳内强震与火山活动预测的原理和方法,以及地震柱的概念,采用 Smithsonian Institution的火山资料、www.mantleplumes.org网页的地幔柱资料和作者所定义的全球24个 地震柱,根据火山成因将全球火山及其喷发类型划分为地震柱型火山和地幔柱型火山两大类型。地震 柱型火山喷发受到地震柱构造的控制,主要特征是以爆破式烟柱喷发粘性大、富含气体的岩浆和火山 灰,而地幔柱型喷发则受到地幔柱构造的控制,主要特征表现为低粘度物质以宁静式熔岩溢流或熔岩 喷泉型喷发。二者的成因不同,所喷发的物质和喷发方式也各不相同。地震柱型火山喷发处在人口稠 密地区,威胁人类的生命安全,因此热机带的预测研究刻不容缓,可以根据地震柱构造内中深源地震 活动状态探讨,辅以传统的火山预测方法,和已经形成了一些基本的预测经验。地幔柱型火山喷发的 传统预测方法对有人居住的地方是行之有效的。本文对全球火山的观察与研究,以及火山活动的预测 提供了一种新的思路,或许对于人类应对火山活动的威胁不无裨益。 HANS Preprints NOT PEER-REVIEWED 汉斯预印本 未经同行评审 2 HANS PrePrints | http://dx.
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