Effect of Protein-Based Treatment on Chemical Composition, Hardness and Bond Strength of Remineralized Enamel

Guilherme Genovez-Júnior, Eloisa Aparecida Carlesse Paloco, Sandrine Bittencourt Berger, Alejandra Hortencia Miranda González, Murilo Baena Lopes, Daniele Cristina Amânicio, Ricardo Danil Guiraldo
2021 Brazilian Dental Journal  
This study evaluated the chemical composition and microhardness of human enamel treated with an Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) solution, and the bond strength between composite resin and this enamel. Thirty human enamel samples were randomly divided into three groups: Untouched Enamel (UE), Demineralized Enamel (DE) and Demineralized Enamel Treated with EMD (ET). DE and ET groups were subjected to acid challenge and ET treated with EMD (EMD was directly applied over conditioned enamel and left
more » ... ed enamel and left for 15 min). Samples from each group (n=4) had chemical composition assessed through to attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR). Knoop microhardness of enamel samples from each group (n=10) was measured. For the microshear bond strength, the samples were etched for 30 s, and the adhesive was applied and cured for 10 s. Two matrixes were placed on the samples, filled with Filtek Z350 XT composite and cured for 20 s, each. The matrix was removed, and the microshear bond strength of each group (n=10) was tested. Data were subjected to Kruskal-Wallis test (for microhardness), to analysis of variance and to Tukey's test (for microshear bond strength); (α=0.05). FTIR results have shown phosphate (hydroxyapatite indicator) in 900-1200 cm-1 bands in the UE and ET groups, which were different from the DE group. Microhardness and microshear analyses recorded higher statistical values for the UE and ET groups than for DE. EMD application to demineralized enamel seems to have remineralized the enamel; thus, the microhardness and bond strength was similar between UE and ET groups.
doi:10.1590/0103-6440202103438 pmid:33914007 fatcat:w3uzubvpgnehzbnz4sp3gcqoti