The current state of investment and financial cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union

Tetiana Rybakova
2020 Економічний вісник університету  
Relevance of research topic. Nowadays the Ukraine's relations with the European Union are extremely important. European integration for Ukraine is a strategic choice for the future, and it makes a great influence on the place and role of the state in the new system of international relations, including economic, monetary and financial ones. Formulation of the problem. Ukraine's reform agenda is comprehensive and requires significant financial resources that cannot be raised solely from domestic
more » ... sources. This determines the importance of attracting foreign funds, including those from the EU as a strategic partner of Ukraine, as well as the creation of a favourable investment climate and therefore the intensification of foreign investment. Analysis of recent research and publications. In the background of Ukraine's European integration intentions, a significant number of scientists study the problems and prospects of investment and financial cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. This cooperation is the subject of constant monitoring by European government agencies and central executive bodies of Ukraine as well. Selection of unexplored parts of the general problem. In the conditions of unstable global political and economic environment, new challenges in the region and the extreme dynamism of investment and financial processes, it is necessary to conduct the research reflecting the current state of investment and financial cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. Setting the task, the purpose of the study. Highlighting the state of investment and financial cooperation between Ukraine and the EU at the current stage of Ukraine's European integration. Method or methodology for conducting research. System and structural approach, method of logical analysis, statistical method, method of graphic analysis, method of comparison, method of structuring. Presentation of the main material (results of work). The paper describes the political background for investment and financial cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. The analysis of foreign direct investments in Ukraine by countries of origin and by areas of attraction is carried out; the dynamics of direct investments from EU countries in Ukraine's economy for 2010-2019 is described. The current state of application of the valid instruments of investment and financial support given to Ukraine by the EU is analyzed. The areas of priority attention in the process of implementing reforms in terms of attracting the investment from the EU are identified. The field of application of results. Research of Ukraine's European integration problems, educational process (in the preparation of the relevant sections of textbooks and tutorials for courses "International Economics", "Global Economics", "Finance"). Conclusions according to the article. The EU sustainable financial support covers many sectors of the economy and public life in Ukraine, including agriculture, infrastructure, transport and energy, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as democratic reforms, overcoming the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, research and innovation, the environment, support for military conflict victims, etc. The EU supports Ukraine through various instruments, including macro-financial assistance, the European Financial Institutions (EBRD and the EIB), bilateral support from EU member states, the EU External Investment Plan, the European Neighbourhood Instrument, and the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace. The volumes of EU foreign direct investment in Ukraine still remain low, and their structure by country of origin is not optimal. It is important for Ukraine to attract investments from the most developed EU countries, which is possible only if an attractive investment climate is formed, and the rule of law and the fight against the corruption are ensured.
doi:10.31470/2306-546x-2020-46-183-191 fatcat:k6tr4k6hpbhf5bnpkdnbml5i7y