Exploring the Status of Executing Traffic Accidents Insurance (article 92 of Islamic Republic of Iran's fourth budget plan) According to the Financial Scale of Special Incomes and Non-Settled Traffic Accidents Files at Kashani Hospital of Isfahan

Mohsen Aderyani, Marjan Naeeni, Fatemeh Musavi, Elahe Salehnia, Azar Dehghani, Maryam Barati, Khadijeh Babaeeian
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and aim: Accidents and incidents are the second factor of mortality in our country and traffic accidents are at the top. The plan for the autonomy of hospitals nationwide has been executed since the beginning of the 70s helical decade. From 2005 according to administrative regulation of article 92 of fourth development program in the country, 10 percent of the incurred costs related to insuring each transportation vehicle in the country was deposited into an account to the special incomes
more » ... ecial incomes account of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. All public, governmental and private hospitals are compelled to admit traffic accidents casualties without any preconditions or incurring any expenses for providing services and also to accommodate them with therapeutic cares. The cost of providing these therapeutic services is paid to hospitals according to the purported measures in the administrative regulation. This study examines the effects of the mentioned regulation on the status of Ayatollah Kashani hospital's income.