Preliminary Study on the Utilization of RHA as a Performance Enhancer for Rubber Mortar

Jin Li, Peiyuan Chen, Haibing Cai, Ying Xu, Chunchao Li
2021 Materials  
In this study, rice husk ash (RHA) was explored as a strength enhancer for mortars containing waste rubber. The effects of RHA on the flow, mechanical strength, chloride resistance, and capillary absorption of rubber mortar were investigated by substituting up to 20% cement with RHA. The experimental results showed that the incorporation of rubber into mortar could be safely achieved by adding RHA as a cement substitute by up to 20% without compromising the compressive strength of mortar.
more » ... th of mortar. Moreover, the RHA also exerted positive effects on the enhancement of the chloride resistance as well as the capillary absorption of rubber mortars, for which 15% RHA was found to be the optimal dosage.
doi:10.3390/ma14123216 fatcat:sinazi6cvffcnk646idzlo3mku