Experimental Examination of Scalable Under Water Launching Missile System

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Experimental Investigations were carried out to study the performance of underwater launching missile system by adapting the electromagnetic launcher concept. There are two energy sources utilized to propel the missile in this proposed research; solid propellant motor and electromagnetic launcher. Electromagnetic launcher propels the missile from underwater to the water surface. Solid propellant motor propels the missile from water surface to the fixed target in the atmosphere. Solid
more » ... e. Solid propellants were prepared and the specific impulse of the propellants was also observed by impulse measuring system. 65/35 ratio of fuel-oxidizer (KNO3-Succrose) has the specific impulse of 89.3seconds. Rope test and vertical launch test were conducted for finding out the missile altitude and performance as well. The Electromagnetic launcher used in this research can replace torpedo tubes which are conventionally fitted with compressor supply. Since capacitor banks are being used as power source for the launcher, reusability and simplicity of the launching system are improved remarkably. The electromagnetic launcher generates Lorentz force to accelerate the missile through the water. 220VDC, 5000μFD capacitors connected in parallel produce 363N-m energy. 10grams of missile model made up of aluminium material was tested and found velocity and projectile of the missile.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.a1047.1291s419 fatcat:6h55vxx6cvaftmmckhb5e2xffm