Book Review Case Histories in Obstetrics . Groups of Cases Illustrating the Fundamental Problems Which Arise in Obstetrics. By Robert L. DeNormandie, A.B., M.D.; Assistant in Obstetrics, Harvard Medical School; Physician to Out-Patients, Boston Lying-in Hospital; Assistant in Gynecology, Boston Dispensary

1915 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
straint. The lunacy commission, he remarks, has been always most punctilious in avoiding any interference with legitimate therapeutical methods, yet the use of the dry and wet pack is still considered as a method of restraint in their revised regulations of 1913. These regulations demand still further consideration and it may be hoped that, whilst preventing the abuse of wet packing, they may be so framed as to encourage its employment as one of the most important and valuable means of treatment of the insane.
doi:10.1056/nejm191502181720708 fatcat:li3tmfri4vao7ba7u34uf2bcwm