Strain relaxation in buried SrRuO3 layer in (Ca1−xSrx)(Zr1−xRux)O3∕SrRuO3∕SrTiO3 system

Soo Gil Kim, Yudi Wang, I-Wei Chen
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
A novel relaxation phenomenon occurs in buried SrRuO 3 layers in strained ͑Ca 1−x Sr x ͒͑Zr 1−x Ru x ͒O 3 / SrRuO 3 / SrTiO 3 ͑001͒ thin film system. The lightly strained SrRuO 3 buried layer is initially clamped by the SrTiO 3 substrate. After a heavily strained ͑Ca 1−x Sr x ͒͑Zr 1−x Ru x ͒O 3 overlayer is deposited, localized strain relaxation develops in the buried layer. This is manifested by a crosshatch pattern of ͗100͘ corrugations on the surface, due to the slip of ͗110͘ ͕110͖ threading
more » ... 10͘ ͕110͖ threading dislocations. The phenomenon can be controlled by tuning the growth kinetics and strain energy of the overlayer.
doi:10.1063/1.2221900 fatcat:pb5jsercyzhnxb6qlpwsn6zb2m