Student-Centered Curriculum - Pedagogical Training Of The Student

Lavinia-Maria Ichim
2022 European Proceedings of Educational Sciences   unpublished
In the educational evolution, the curriculum has undergone several changes, and in the current context of education, the specialists aim to individualize it by teachers, in order to be able to come to the aid of the characteristic needs of educators. Therefore, the renewal of the curriculum emphasizes the transition from a branch of knowledge impossible to reach compared to the speed of information multiplication, to a branch of contextualized action. This metamorphosis leads to the
more » ... n of the didactic act on the final acquisitions of the student -the future teacher, to the possession of the key competencies by him, created as a result of completing a curriculum, which are indispensable in the daily life of the learner. With the development of the curriculum concept in the twentieth century, the abandonment of the priority given to the subject in honor of the priority given to the educable is initiated, the main idea being to satisfy the need of the learner. While subject-centered learning focuses on a set of knowledge. Student-centred learning involves a more concise and notable development of the learnable, with benefits for all participants in education. I believe that this type of learning facilitates harmonious development in the easier acquisition of skills throughout life. The abstract should be presented as a single paragraph and briefly summarize the goals, methods, and new results presented in the manuscript. Reference citations are not allowed.
doi:10.15405/epes.22032.26 fatcat:owcfqibrizddlltucoubzq526a