MODIS-NDVI-Based crop growth monitoring in China Agriculture Remote Sensing Monitoring System

Qing Huang, Wenbin Wu, Li Zhang, Dandan Li
2010 2010 Second IITA International Conference on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
China Agriculture Remote Sensing Monitoring System (CHARMS) was established in 2001 by Key Laboratory of Resource Remote Sensing and Digital Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, China. The main purpose of CHARMS is to monitor agricultural condition using remote sensing techniques and to provide basis information for government decision-making and agricultural production management. It has realized operational crop acreage changes monitoring, crop growth monitoring, agriculture disasters
more » ... re disasters (drought, floods, frost damage, pest etc.) monitoring and crop yield estimation since then. The monitoring and predicting results have played a great role in keeping abreast of the latest agriculture condition. CHARMS can monitor crop growth condition of spring wheat, winter wheat, spring maize, summer maize, cotton, soybean and paddy rice with MODIS data. MODIS-NDVI-Based basic principles, methods and regular operation of crop growth monitoring in CHARMS as well as the application of monitoring results are presented in detail in the paper. As we all know that, vegetation index is an important parameter which carries abundant information of earth surface vegetation properties. NDVI( Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)which can be generated from the red and near-infrared bands of the MODIS data enhance the identify capacity to soil background and weaken the impact of atmosphere and terrain shadow, and NDVI values increase with the growth of the crops, and gradually decrease after reaching the maximum at a
doi:10.1109/iita-grs.2010.5603948 fatcat:isfi5lfkn5bnlkdmsv2hrk75ri