Prosecutions under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act

1876 The Analyst  
grocer, Market-place, Alfreton, was charged with selling +lb. of caper tea, on the 15th March, which was adulterated with minerd matter.-The prosecutor went into the shop of the dcfendant, and asked the assistant for 2lb. of caper tea, which was supplied to him, for which he paid 1s. 2d. He divided it in three equal parts, and sealed the parcela. One he left, one was forwarded to the public analyst, A. H. Allen, and one he kept.-It was deposed by the analyst that he examined the tea, and found
more » ... the tea, and found that it was adulterated with 8 per cent. of mineral matter, 6 per cent. of which was small stones rolled up in the leaves.-Mr. ., L.S.A. Lond., has been appointed public analyst to the counties of Leicester and Rutland for one year, vice Young, whose appointment has expired-1 0s. 6d. per analysis, minimum $70 for the year. Mr. Bushby said the warranty would have been a protection to him.
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