Effect of Heating on Compositional Characteristics and Oxidative Stability of Crude and Refined Rice Bran Oil

Md. Abbas Ali, M. Azizul Islam, Noor Hidayu Othman, Ahmadilfitri Md Noor, Jewel Hossen, M. Ibrahim
2019 Journal of Oleo Science  
The compositional characteristics and oxidative stability of rice bran oil were determined by observing the formation of oxidative products and alteration in chemical composition of oils during microwave or oven heating. The values of oxidative indicators such as free acidity, peroxide, p-anisidine, total oxidation, thiobarbituric acid and color values, increased faster in refined oils compared to crude ones during heating. In gas chromatography analysis, the percentages of total saturated,
more » ... otal saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in the studied oils such as lab extracted crude rice bran oil, lab extracted and refined rice bran oil, crude rice bran oil from commercial mill and refined rice bran oil from commercial mill were: 23.07 to 23.56, 41.15 to 42.38 and 34.38 to 35.88, respectively. The heating caused the reduction of polyunsaturated fatty acids content with increasing saturated fatty acids content, and these changes were greater in refined rice bran oil indicating extensive lipid oxidation occurred in refined oil. The change in triacylglycerol species content as determined by High-performance liquid chromatography, was lower in crude oil; the higher stability of these species in crude oil could have contribution to reduce oxidation. During thermal treatment, the generation of hydroperoxides, their degradation and formation of secondary oxidative products evaluated by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, were lower in crude oils. However, the rate of formation of oxidative products in lab prepared samples was lower compared to that in the samples collected from commercial mill. Under extreme thermal condition, the order of oxidative stability: lab extracted crude rice bran oil > crude rice bran oil from commercial mill>lab extracted and refined rice bran oil > refined rice bran oil from commercial mill. The present results will be useful to oil seed processing mills in refining of rice bran oil for economic feasibility and better marketability.
doi:10.5650/jos.ess19140 pmid:31611513 fatcat:uuiyci6vzngyda4tfbmpvfztve