An Approach for Logic-based Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning over Underspecification and Refinement in Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems

Hendrik Kausch, Mathias Pfeiffer, Deni Raco, Bernhard Rumpe
2020 Software Engineering  
In this paper the extension of an intelligent compositional verification framework for cyber-physical systems is presented and the capabilities of accompanying underspecificationrefinement steps by verification are demonstrated on a representative example of a flight guidance system. Formal knowledge representation using higher-order logic and intelligent reasoning is shown to be applied to software engineering problems to perform correctness proofs, execute symbolic tests or find
more » ... s. The theorem prover Isabelle is a mature and fundamental tool, which allows to represent knowledge as a collection of definitions and theorems and reason about systems. To increase the usability, an architecture description language (ADL) coupled with a code generator from the ADL to Isabelle is used. These and the rapid increase of computation capabilities suggest that a prominent application for reducing certification costs of critical systems such as intelligent flight control systems or assistance systems for air or road traffic management is not far in the future.
dblp:conf/se/KauschPRR20 fatcat:ixsme6hfv5cehbh5ezn64wmusm