The Musical Geometry of Genes: Generating Rhythms from DNA

Alvaro Yanez
2019 Leonardo Music Journal  
DNA encodes all sorts of information that makes us human, but, aside from encoding genes, could DNA also encode for a mapping of musical rhythms in a very abstract way? This project sought to generate rhythms out of DNA and compose a musical piece out of a gene's rhythmic sequence. Computational rules inspired by geometric analyses of rhythms guided the mapping of DNA's molecular structure into rhythmic timelines and melodic scales; these basic structures were then used to compose a song
more » ... ng to the sickle cell gene DNA sequence. The rhythms generated by this "genetic analysis" alternate pleasantly between even and odd time signatures.
doi:10.1162/lmj_a_01052 fatcat:3umyfuqn3jccfpsrldlrgoulka