Physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of carrot pomace powder incorporated fibre rich cookies

Prashant Sahni, D. M. Shere
2017 Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research  
Fibre rich cookies were prepared by substituting refined wheat flour with carrot pomace powder (CPP) at 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% and evaluated for its physical properties, chemical composition, textural properties and sensory characteristics. The weight and thickness of the cookies increased whereas the diameter, spread ratio and spread factor decreased with the increase in CPP in flour blend. The moisture, crude fibre and ash content increased whereas the protein and carbohydrate content
more » ... ydrate content decreased with the increase in CPP in flour blend. The fat content of the cookies showed no pronounced variation. The hardness of the cookies increased with increase in the level of incorporation of CPP in the flour blends. CPP improved the appearance of cookies by imparting it attractive colour; however the texture score decreased with the increase in the level of supplementation. Cookies with 10 % CPP were found to be most acceptable due to attractive appearance; and better taste and flavour.
doi:10.18805/ajdfr.dr-1268 fatcat:hvq7gxtrvzdflcrae24nzg56vy