A Distributed Monitoring and Control System for the Laser Ion Source RILIS at CERN-ISOLDE [article]

Ralf Erik Rossel, Sebastian Rothe, Detlef Richter, Klaus Wendt
In this work, the implementation of the LabVIEW-based RILIS Equipment Acquisition and Control Toolset (REACT) software framework is documented, revised, and further developed to accomplish remotely operated in-source laser spectroscopy experiments at CERN-ISOLDE. The Resonance Ionization Laser Ion Source (RILIS) is an integral part of the radioactive ion beam user facility ISOLDE at CERN. Its task as an ion source is to ensure high isobaric purity and production efficiency of the ion beams that
more » ... are generated for the various experimental setups of the facility. Reliable operation requires directing 3 pulsed laser beams, precisely wavelength-tuned and overlapped in time to a precision of 5 nanoseconds, to converge into a 3mm diameter ion source cavity located 25m away in an inaccessible radioactive environment. These stable conditions have to be maintained for up to 7 days at a time per experiment setup. Within recent years, the array of RILIS equipment and its need to interface with other experimental apparatus outside of the laser laboratory has steadily grown. This has increased the demand for developing software to address machine supervision and data acquisition tasks, as well as installing automated safety systems. In order to meet these demands, a distributed monitoring and control system was commissioned and continually developed since 2011, which focuses on modularity and flexibility to adapt to changing experiment requirements. The system is implemented using the data-flow oriented graphical programming language LabVIEW and makes extensive use of the integrated shared variable technology to facilitate network data communication. The presented work documents the conceptual design, implementation details and newly developed functionalities for programs currently available to the RILIS operators to support the setup and operation of the laser ion source equipment. Moving the supervisory control of the RILIS installation to a separate building outside the designated radiation supervised ISOLDE hall area has c [...]
doi:10.17181/cern.l5n9.2gcs fatcat:2omnz5z2ajc7dp7w2u4pmza3tm