New Drilling Instument for Coracoid Process

Yoko Uchida, Yozo Shibata, Mitsuru Takeshita, Koji Midorikawa, Terumasa Izaki, Gen Emoto, Kosuke Ogata
1993 Orthopedics & Traumatology  
When the surgeon operates on the shoulder joint, osteotomy of the coracoid process is necessary in order to explore the anterior portion of the gleno-humeral joint. Due to great variation in the size and slope of the coracoid process, surgeons need to make a whole in the center of the coracoid process. If a hole in the center of process is not made, fracture of the coracoid process may happen when the screw is tightened. We experienced 5 cases of coracoid fracture in 120 cases of Boytchev's
more » ... s of Boytchev's procedure for recurrnt anterior shoulder dislocation. If the coracoid process is fractured the suregeon is obliged to change the postoperative care. We have developed a new drilling instrumnt which makes it easier to drill a hole in the coracoid process. This instrumnt can pinch out a chip of coracoid process and has a drill guide which can make a hole in the coracoid center. The size of the instrument was decided by measuring shoulder X-P. Using this instrument, a hole can be made easily in the coracoid process and this instrument is available for various shoulder operations, for example Bankart repair, capsular shift, Dewar's procedure, Bristow's procedure and total replacement of the shoulder joint.
doi:10.5035/nishiseisai.42.262 fatcat:xtxh7qwlvrd7nkkiwssbfl4o6e